Automatic Customer Invoicing and Carrier Reconciliation Invoicing

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January 3, 2013

WebCDR, an online telecom billing solution, has just added the ability to email PDF invoices automatically at the end of each billing cycle. In addition, it can also generate supplier-facing carrier reconciliation invoices to speed verification of supplier bills.

Customer Invoicing can be synchronized to the customer's billing cycle (weekly, monthly, or even semi-monthly), and this feature now includes multiple levels of automation. "In full-auto mode, you can literally have nothing to do on billing day," says WebCDR founder Adam Nathanson, noting that there's also a manual mode for any invoices that need individual review. "And for each customer, you can also specify whether a matching CDR file will accompany their invoice."

WebCDR also includes the ability to generate vendor recon invoices, synchronized to each vendor's time zone and billing period to ensure an accurate comparison with your own call data. These can also be delivered automatically to your accounts payable department, scheduled to arrive on the same day as the supplier's bills so overbilling errors can be identified BEFORE overpayments are sent.

Click here for more information on WebCDR's automatic customer invoicing and carrier reconciliation invoicing.