NetSapiens To Offer WebCDR's Anti-Fraud Solution

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May 29, 2013

NetSapiens, a provider of complete VoIP solutions for competitive communications providers, and WebCDR today announced that the two companies will partner to bring WebCDRs anti-fraud solution to service providers deploying the NetSapiens platform. WebCDR Anti-Fraud offers a cloud-based anti-fraud service that continually downloads and analyzes CDRs and alerts telecom carriers to potentially fraudulent traffic.

"Toll fraud is a threat faced by all VoIP systems because they are open to the attack from any hacker in the world with Internet access," says Anand Buch, NetSapiens CEO. "Enterprise PBX and IP-PBX deployments are especially vulnerable because it is sometimes hard to distinguish legitimate use from fraud. NetSapiens offers several ways to thwart fraudulent use, including velocity filters that will recognize and throttle SIP user agents that repeatedly provide incorrect registration credentials, and call filters that will discard packets of originating hosts seeking to find unguarded dial rules. Our partnership with WebCDR is yet another tool in the arsenal that we provide to our service provider customers."

WebCDR Anti-Fraud implements three separate abuse detection algorithms to alert carriers to atypical traffic, often within minutes of a suspected incursion. "Even one unchecked VoIP fraud incursion can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars in unrecoverable revenue," warns Adam Nathanson, the founder and CEO of WebCDR. Using WebCDR Anti-Fraud, service providers can receive four levels of alerts from "information" to "critical", which can even be fed into third-party ticket tracking systems. Because the service is cloud-based, activation is often performed same-day, and its pricing starts at just $300/month.

Under the new partnership, NetSapiens service providers will be able to configure WebCDR Anti-Fraud with a single drop-down box option. The systems are pre-integrated to exchange call detail records securely with minimal configuration tasks required by the switch administrator. WebCDR's Anti-Fraud solution also includes watchdog alarms functions for QoS, and can provide collateral data for resolving billing disputes in the event of fraudulent high-dollar traffic. (And WebCDR also offers an online telecom billing solution.)

"Hackers are continually probing for insecure switches," warns Adam Nathanson. "WebCDR Anti-Fraud offers round-the-clock protection to service providers and carriers. WebCDR has been serving the wholesale carrier industry from the Cloud since 1999, and we're pleased to join NetSapiens in their mission to create, deliver and manage VoIP and the next wave of communications and collaboration apps."

About WebCDR:

WebCDR is a San Francisco-based provider of award-winning wholesale telecom operation support services (OSS), including WebCDR Billing, WebCDR Anti-Fraud, and WebCDR Watchdog. For more than 13 years, domestic and international carriers have trusted WebCDR as a way to capitalize on the benefits of outsourcing core operation support functions.

About NetSapiens:

NetSapiens simplifies the delivery of IP voice and multimedia business communication services by providing turnkey solutions. NetSapiens' SNAPsolution™ integrates applications software, hardware, and services that enable competitive providers to quickly deploy services for increased revenue. These applications include multi-tenant hosted PBX, unified messaging, conferencing, and call center solutions. NetSapiens developed the IP multimedia platform (applications software) and integrates the technology and services needed, thereby eliminating interoperability issues that are often present in multi-vendor VoIP networks.

For more information about the integrated NetSapiens and WebCDR anti-fraud solution visit or contact Eric Hernaez, VP of Marketing, at 858-764-5221.