275th Vendor Format Added to WebCDR's Automated Rate Sheet Intake

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April 11, 2013

WebCDR announced today that its automated Vendor Rate Sheet Intake now supports the formats of more than 275 wholesale telecom carriers. And even more formats are being added weekly to accommodate specific requests from WebCDR's user base (usually within one day of their request).

"We have customers that upload 20 to 30 rate sheets per week from different carriers," says Earl Ruby, WebCDR's director of engineering, "and WebCDR accepts them all."

XLS-formatted carrier rate sheets can be uploaded into WebCDR's outbound rate tables without alteration or reformatting -- even complex, multi-tab rate sheets -- saving time and reducing the potential for costly errors. Once uploaded, data from the rate sheets can be used with WebCDR's other cloud-based telecom billing services, including the generation of customer rate plans and A-Z price lists, A-Z names standardization, and automated invoicing.

Vendor Rate Sheet Intake is available as a standard component of WebCDR's award-winning hosted telecom billing service, and now as a stand-alone Rate Management service starting at only $500 per month.

Click here for a list of currently-supported vendor rate sheet formats.