Cloud-based VoIP Fraud Detection from $300/Month

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November 14, 2012

WebCDR introduces a new anti-fraud module which continually downloads and analyzes CDRs for potentially fraudulent traffic, offering round-the-clock fraud protection with alerting via email and web. "Three separate abuse detection algorithms alert you to atypical traffic," says Adam Nathanson, the founder and president of WebCDR, "often within minutes of a suspected incursion."

WebCDR Anti-Fraud includes all standard watchdog alarm functions for QoS and pre- and post-paid balance thresholds, with no on-site components or disruptive integration with your switch. Simply provide secure, read-only download access to your switch’s file-based CDRs. WebCDR Anti-Fraud also includes a no-cost option to pre-load your recent CDR history so WebCDR's pattern recognition database can deliver accurate fraud detection from day-one. In many cases, same-day activation is available.

Alerts can be fed into third-party tracking systems, and the customizable alarms support country-specific and vendor-specific monitoring. "One of our clients, a major hotel on the island, runs a soft PBX and someone compromised it and started running calls to Eastern Europe through it, sending the call in via IP and then having the PBX route the call outbound through our service," remembers Steven Harrison, Network Architect at TeleBarbados. "These are exactly the kinds of fraud incidents we needed to address! Previously, we would not find out about them until well at the end of the month, or even later when we ran billing."

"With WebCDR Watchdog we were alerted within hours of the onset of the fraudulent traffic which enabled us to take prompt action to shut the fraudsters down."

Click here for more information about WebCDR's cloud-based VoIP fraud detection.