WebCDR Embraces Latin America

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September 30, 2013

WebCDR today announced a new director of sales for Latin America. Mario Rojas brings over a dozen years of experience in the telecom industry, and will be representing WebCDR in both Central and Latin America.

"I'm very pleased to be representing WebCDR in the CALA region," says Rojas. "WebCDR has been serving the wholesale carrier industry for nearly 15 years with cloud-based carrier billing, rates management, anti-fraud, and vendor reconciliation applications."

In addition to billing, San Francisco-based WebCDR offers innovative and affordable stand-alone modules that tame today's biggest operational headaches. Their stand-alone modules include the following.

Rates Management Suite:

- Vendor rate sheet intake from xls/xlsx.
- Rate plan builder using tiered mark-ups of LCR.
- A-Z name standardization and dial code standardization.
- A-Z price list generation and weekly distribution.

Toll Fraud Detection:

Round-the-clock fraud protection with alerting via email and web.
Works with any switch that outputs file-based or RADIUS-based CDRs.
No on-site components or disruptive integration with your switch.