WebCDR Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

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May 3, 2014

Launched in May of 1999, WebCDR reached a significant milestone: 15 years in business providing cloud-based billing services for wholesale telecom carriers. "We've processed tens of billions of CDRs for our customers over the past fifteen years," says Adam Nathanson, the President and founder of WebCDR, "and with Cloud finally getting the respect we've always known it deserves, we can't help but feel well-positioned as we continue to develop WebCDR to deliver competitive advantage for our wholesale carrier customers.

The award-winning WebCDR Billing system enables uploading of carrier rate sheets, A-Z names standardization, customer rate plan automation, A-Z price list distribution, and automated invoicing. Other WebCDR-hosted services include cloud-based anti-fraud and QoS monitoring.