WebCDR Billing’s Vendor Ratesheet Intake Reaches Milestone of 50th Carrier Ratesheet Format

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March 10, 2011

Telecom billing provider WebCDR (formerly known as Switch Management Corp.) today
reached a milestone of supporting 50 different wholesale carrier ratesheets with its Vendor
Ratesheet Intake, a standard component of its award-winning WebCDR Billing service.
Cable & Wireless Worldwide was the 50th format, with more formats being added weekly on
an as-requested basis from the WebCDR Billing user base.

Vendor Ratesheet Intake was added to WebCDR Billing in 2010. It enables xls-formatted
carrier ratesheets to be uploaded into WebCDR’s outbound rate tables without alteration or
reformatting; a vast improvement over the usual manual method which is both time-
consuming and error-prone. Even complex multi-tab ratesheets with relevant data buried
deep in headers and footers are properly handled, making it an invaluable tool for wholesale
carriers that need the ability to rapidly explore new termination offers.

Earl Ruby, WebCDR’s director of engineering, explains that Vendor Ratesheet Intake was
more than a year in the making and utilizes ground-breaking data sensing and parsing
algorithms to enable rapid implementation of new formats. Says Ruby, “Vendor Ratesheet
Intake knows if the vendor's rates are in U.S. Dollars, Euros, or some other currency, and
whether or not specific time zones apply to the rates. It even handles peak/off-peak rates
which are typically the most complex. We have customers that upload 20 to 30 ratesheets
per week from different carriers and WebCDR accepts them all. It can even accept rates
based on North American OCN/LATA codes.” Earl is looking forward to the 100th supported
ratesheet format, a milestone he estimates his team will reach by mid-year.

Raj Guru, a manager at Callx Telecom, says "Basically, WebCDR makes the rate intake
process extremely simple and easy to understand. We extensively use it to load rate sheets
from at least 20-25 different vendors with various formats.”

Ian MacIver, CEO of UK mobile operator Greenphone, says, “We use WebCDR for our
wholesale part of our business. We receive many updated rate sheets from our suppliers each week. The Vendor rate sheet Intake feature is key to Greenfone's ability to keep up
with the changes in different suppliers rates.”

About WebCDR:

WebCDR is the award-winning San Francisco-based provider of the WebCDR suite of
wholesale telecom OSS services, including WebCDR Billing, WebCDR RADIUS, and WebCDR
Watchdog. Since 1999, WebCDR has been a trusted source for domestic and international
carriers that have capitalized on the benefits of outsourced core OSS functions.

About Callx Telecom:

Founded in 2002, Callx Telecom is an FCC 214 licensed carrier providing a wide array of
value added products and services for the telecommunications industry, including
international voice traffic products and calling card services. The company brings a wide
scope of knowledge, experience, and a global presence to their services, aimed at voice
carriers, cable companies, VoIP providers, and calling card operators, who require
unparalleled toll quality and customer service tailored to meet their distinct needs.

About Greenfone:

Greenfone is a new UK mobile operator providing service to customers who feel that a
company with strong Environmental values can only be a good thing. They are working
towards being a fully Carbon Neutral business and providing support to the many Green
initiatives in the UK.