TRES Networks selects WebCDR for wholesale telecom billing.

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August 1, 2011

TRES is a Curaçao based Next-Gen communications company providing residential and business customers with state-of the-art high-speed internet, voice, and digital video services over the island's first and only fiber-to-the-home (“FTTH”) network.

Originally commissioned as Santa Barbara Utilities and for the purposes of initially providing services to the Santa Barbara area, TRES has now grown its reach and is now able to offer most of Curacao these same state of the art services, catapulting Curacao to the forefront of technology practically overnight.

TRES entered into a pole attachment agreement with Aqualectra, which allows TRES to use the utility’s electric poles on the island to deploy its core and distribution network fiber. Last mile connections are then provided through aerial or buried fiber directly to your home, or business.

TRES’ current network consists of 4 switching centers and all fiber optic network in fully redundant fiber rings around the island, and an all fiber optic distribution network with the capability to deliver these services right to your home.

Initially passing approximately 55,000 residential homes and almost all of the 5,500 businesses in Curaçao nearly everyone in Curacao will now be able to have fiber brought directly to their home or business. Basically future proofing your bandwidth needs. As technology changes the fiber will stay in place and serve as the foundation for tomorrow. TRES’s operations are led by a seasoned management team experienced in sales and marketing, provisioning, and operating video, voice and data systems.

The TRES network is managed by a team of skilled Engineers from its state of the art Network Operations Center (“NOC”) located at the Santa Barbara Plantation. Customer care is provided from the call center which is centrally located in Parera which also houses the sales office and future TRES store currently being built.

TRES has launched a gradual roll-out of its base service offering to residential customers and commercial customers ramping up in October 2010 with the majority of the deployment completed in a few years.
TRES has built the network and the organization from the ground up focusing not only on a robust and fault tolerant network, but also customer focused in its effort to have the best customer service team in the industry.