WebCDR Adds Support for OCN/LATA-based Rating

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February 14, 2011

If you are terminating calls in North America and your rates are based on OCN (operating company number) and LATA (local access and transport area) codes, and your CDR files only contain dialed digits, you need to have a way to translate OCN/LATA codes into sets of prefixes (NPANXXY dial codes) in order to rate calls.

WebCDR can use your licensed copy of the Telcordia LERG* and create NPANXXY-based prefix sets from the LERG data. When your vendor publishes a rate for "OCN 7128 LATA 728" WebCDR will automatically apply that rate to all calls with dialed digits starting with 15593063, 15593183, 1559321, 15593210, 15593212, 15593219, 15593583, 15593634, 1559490, 15595963, 1559650, 15597173, 15597723, 15598024, or 15598133. If the codes change WebCDR will make the changes on the appropriate date, so that calls made before the date will use the old codes and calls made after the date will use the new codes.

Rather than having to translate OCN/LATA codes to sets of NPANXXY codes, WebCDR automatically takes care of it for you.

*Telcordia publishes a database called the LERG (Local Exchange Routing Guide) which is available on a subscription basis. You will need to negotiate a license with Telcordia to use the LERG.