25 Testimonials about WebCDR Billing

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WebCDR dashboard

"Customer service is where WebCDR really distinguishes itself. They had our WebCDR Billing account up, running, and producing invoices in a matter of days."

Steve Kozlowicki
VP of Voice Business, PCCW Global Limited

"As a new carrier in Tanzania with a hectic network deployment schedule, your services and ongoing support in helping us go live has been a major factor in us being able to meet our deadlines. The savings on Capex, manpower and operations and maintenance cost associated with running a billing unit have enabled us to use these resources elsewhere making us a stronger player in the market. You should have your team come to work with Superman T-shirts."

Rashid Shamte
CEO, Six Telecoms Company Limited (TZ)

"WebCDR has helped us a lot. We can handle our billing in a very fast and effective way, and also pull reports about everything!"

Renato Brandão
Technical Wholesale Manager, G2N Telecom

"You have a great billing system, you were my first and only choice that always considered for my company and convinced my partner to take your services."

Gustavo Diminich
Solaris Communications Inc.

"We were able to have CDRs Management, Rating, and Billing up and running within 3 hours of contacting WebCDR. When we requested a special rate handling, and it was accomplished within 24 hours. We now have an insight into our business which we did not have without WebCDR."

Jay Cox
Vice-President of Engineering, CentricVoice

"As a retail operator expanding into wholesale we found our prepaid billing did not suite the wholesale billing requirements. Webcdr fit our requirements and the amazing rate management feature allows us to backdate and upload rate sheets which reduces the stress for our rates team. No regrets so far."

Ahamad Farook
Head of Business Development, Tseyva Pte Ltd

"We consider WebCDR our most valuable asset because of its accuracy and customer service. This system and the people behind it deserve an A++ for their product."

Rudy Letona
Director of Operations, TELTEC-Guatemala

"We researched every billing company and nobody comes close to WebCDR's management reporting or customer service. It's truly extraordinary."

Mr. Miguel A. Vildosola
President, ViGa Telecommunicaions, LLc

"We tried a cut-rate offshore hosted billing company and found that the old adage is still true: 'You get what you pay for.' We switched to WebCDR and have never looked back."

Eugenio Dillenburg
CEO, V3IP Solutions, Inc.

"WebCDR got us into the VoIP business incredibly quickly. We are extremely happy with the billing information and other reports generated that enable us to run our business efficiently and effectively. WebCDR after sales service is superb."

Roger Chiume
Executive, International Division, Sentech Limited of South Africa

"We are very pleased with the service provided by WebCDR. The migration from our existing billing platform was simple and efficient with no billing records lost. The training and support provided by WebCDR's staff was very helpful, and the online real-time web reports make managing our multiple customers, networks and rate tables a snap! We are so pleased with the service that we are in the process of migrating additional networks with over 10 million minutes of monthly traffic from our legacy billing platform to the WebCDR billing system."

Jorge Alfonso
President, VOIP Communications

"WebCDR's vendor reconciliation feature caught a particular tier one carrier over-charging us by almost three times the actual amount due. WebCDR is the quickest and most accurate way to reconcile an invoice."

Sandra Martin
Carrier Relations Analyst, Western Wireless International Enterprises

"We consider WebCDR's services to be exemplary as they provide exactly what carriers need to succeed in today's market."

Glen Gerhar
President, Presto Telecommunications, Inc.

"We are extremely impressed with the WebCDR service. It's incredibly user-friendly and the reports are very informative."

Bob Calissendorff
Controller, Unified Worldwide Transport

"I am really impressed! WebCDR is an exceptional piece of software, especially the profitability reporting."

Scott Sereboff
President, Silverleaf Communications

"WebCDR provides all of the billing and management tools we need, including enhanced and flexible reporting, at a very affordable price. Additionally, WebCDR can be deployed quickly and easily, making our transition onto the system relatively seamless."

George Amandola
President, GeoTel

"WebCDR provides a user-friendly, ready-made billing solution for our customers. This web-based service was actually presented to us by one of our customers. We were so impressed with the system's rapid implementation and extensive reporting, we decided to make WebCDR ICT's official billing partner."

Joe Cini
President, ICT

"WebCDR does more than our two-million dollar billing system, and it's the least expensive project I've ever administered."

Kenneth Blijden
Manager International Networks, Smitcoms

"WebCDR will help us to quickly start our company without investing millions of dollars in a billing application or support personnel."

Steve Brough
Director, Sirius Telecom

"We chose WebCDR to handle our billing, NOC management, and critical reporting primarily because of its ease of use. All due diligence conducted on WebCDR came back with only the highest recommendations to move forward."

Gina Scialla
President, GMS Consulting

"WebCDR offers the best value for the money. That value is enhanced each day by the excellent service provided by the WebCDR team."

Dave Dow
Western Telesystems (GH) Ltd.

"WebCDR made an immediate improvement in our bottom line by finding previously unidentified interconnect fees. And we love the charts! They really help us monitor interconnect network performance."

Harley Henry
VP Network Operations, Oceanic Digital Communications, Inc.

"The ease of use of the WebCDR system is incredible. Everything we need is there."

Gilbert Carmona
MIS Director, ATSI Communications

"SMC's responsiveness was excellent. By automating our complex Mexico rate table they had us operational in a matter of days. We find the input screens and reports to be fast and easy to use. After experiencing WebCDR, I can't imagine opting for an in-house system."

Rich Boyd
COO, Citation Telecom

"Our management team enjoys the convenience of reviewing our operations from anywhere in the world using WebCDR's web interface. Its suite of reports is comprehensive, and its invoicing has really simplified our billing process."

Brian MacDonald
President/CEO, Q Telecom

"WebCDR produces accurate reports every day that we can see from anywhere. A definite money-saver compared to operating a billing department within our company."

Joe Costa
General Manager, WorldOne Telecom

"WebCDR is dynamic and user-friendly. The WebCDR staff is very responsive. Wholesale billing doesn't get any easier than this."

Anna Lowe
Billing Manager, Glendale Access International

"Since replacing our in-house billing system with WebCDR, we now spend 90% less time each week getting out invoices."

Grace Wang
Controller, Dynalink Telecom

"Our home-made billing system was overwhelmed. WebCDR tamed our billing nightmare and cut our related costs six-fold in the first month."

Jeff Teo
President, Regal Telecard

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