RADIUS billing directly from your VoIP gateways – no gatekeeper or softswitch needed

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Reduce VoIP billing costs: Outsource your RADIUS CDR collections for more reliability and less complexity.

Generate Invoices

If you’re using a RADIUS server, VoIP billing is one of your biggest challeges. It’s no simple matter to collect CDRs from today’s VoIP equipment.

Because VoIP gateways lack a built-in method for storing their own CDRs, we offer WebCDR RADIUS as a reliable, cost-effective solution to collect and store CDRs from your gateways.

WebCDR RADIUS vs in-house RADIUS billing solutions: The choice is clear

While running your own RADIUS servers might seem tempting, consider all your costs. You’ll need:

  • A competent system administrator on call 24/7
  • Second parallel server to use during maintenance windows
  • At least two Internet feeds to assure 24x7 connectivity (plus a router for each)
  • Reliable backup power to cover both brief and extended outages
  • Security software and firewalls to protect your servers from hackers and VoIP fraud

WebCDR RADIUS: One-day activation – fully interoperable with WebCDR Billing

Why take on the added burden of deploying your own RADIUS billing solution?

We’ll provide you with the IP addresses for our California and Virginia RADIUS clusters. Enter these IPs as the primary and secondary RADIUS servers for each of your VoIP gateways. Then use the WebCDR RADIUS Web-based interface to add, change, or delete gateways at any time.