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Dozens of telecom reporting, invoicing, and management tools to save you time and boost margins

WebCDR Billing customers get access to all these telco billing software features – available 24x7, at no extra charge. You get free tech support and we can set up your account in 24 hours or less.

100% web-based platform
More telco billing convenience and flexibility

  • NEW! Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Secure and accurate telco billing, since 1999
  • Automated, encrypted CDR collection
  • Support for multiple switches and multiple users
  • Each call rated for both price and cost
  • Rate or re-rate calls at any time, forwards or backwards in time
  • Sub-accounts for trading partner web access
  • Supplier ratesheet intake in their native xls format

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WebCDR Data Collection

Complete protection of your valuable CDR data

  • Secure telecom-hardened data center facility with proximity card access system and 24/7 NOC monitoring
  • Battery backup system and diesel backup generator with fuel contract
  • FM-200 fire protection system
  • Dual entry point fiber optic gigabit Internet service

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Telecom Reporting:
Summary and detail views on all essential metrics – 60+ traffic reports

  • Traffic volume by destination
  • Network QoS, ASR, ACD
  • Revenue and cost
  • Profitability and negative margin
  • Dial code screening
  • Least-cost routing (LCR)
  • Reconciliation
  • Current balances
  • Exception reporting: Unassigned trunks, unrated calls, unprofitable calls, long calls and dropped calls
  • Charting: 5-Axis QoS. Bidirectional trading partner profitability, trunk occupancy, and collected CDR continuity
  • And more

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Powerful and flexible rating for even the most complex voice networks

  • Unlimited number of rates
  • Unlimited number of dial codes per destination
  • International and USA domestic rating to 20-digits deep
  • USA domestic inter- and intra-state rating with pre-loaded NANPA NPAs
  • OCN/LATA rating using your licensed Telcordia LERG database or alternate sources
  • NPA-NXX+1 and NPA-NXX+2 rating
  • 1-800 toll-free rating
  • Peak/off-peak/weekend/holiday rating
  • Reusable dial code sets
  • Each rate has its own start date/time and end date/time
  • Use rack rates, carrier-specific rates, or both.
  • Flexible minute rounding, e.g. 1/1, 30/6, 60/60, or user-defined
  • Prices stored to six decimal places
  • Web-based Excel file upload for bulk-loading rates

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Telco billing
Eliminates time-consuming billing day processes

  • User-defined billing periods offset to any time zone
  • Professional PDF-based invoices in 3-5 seconds
  • Supplier-facing vendor reconciliation invoices audit your bills
  • Matching dial code report on any invoice
  • SAP Accounting export of invoice data
  • Matching CSV-based CDRs with any invoice
  • Support for VAT (or similar flat) tax
  • Mid-period rate changes clearly indicated on invoice

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See how WebCDR Billing works

A complete set of telecom reporting tools:

Rate Entry Screen makes it easy and convenient to change buying and selling rates.

Occupancy Chart provides an at-a-glance view of available trunk group capacity throughout the day.

Profitability Chart shows profitability trends with each trading partner – a WebCDR exclusive!

Usage by Carrier by Region report provides detailed country-city pair traffic statistics on a per-customer and per-vendor basis.

PDF-based Wholesale Invoices generated in just a few seconds regardless of traffic volume – saves your staff hours of time on billing day.


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  • All carriers
  • All spans
  • All trunk groups
  • CDRs (raw and rated)
  • Code screening
  • Conflicting prefixes
  • Dropped calls
  • Flash summary
  • Last hour comparison
  • Least cost carrier
  • Least cost routing
  • Long calls
  • Minutes chart
  • Minutes per day
  • Minutes per day per carrier
  • Monthly invoice
  • Monthly invoice by carrier
  • Month-to-date Summary
  • Negative margin
  • Negative margin by carrier
  • Occupancy chart
  • Profit by carrier
  • Profit by carrier by region
  • Profit by region
  • Profit by region by carrier
  • Profitability chart
  • Quality of Service (QOS)
  • Rateable calls
  • Reconciliation
  • Treatment codes
  • Unassigned trunk groups
  • Unrated calls
  • Usage by carrier
  • Usage by region
  • Usage by region detail
  • Weekly invoice
  • Weekly invoice by carrier
  • Calls chart
  • Current balances
  • Rate Sheets

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