Customer Invoicing

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Reduce your time spent on billing day to zero

  • Professional PDF-based invoices in 3-5 seconds
  • Customer-specific billing cycles, offset to any time zone
  • Matching CDRs can accompany any invoice
  • Support for VAT (or similar flat) tax

Email PDF invoices automatically at the end of every billing cycleWebCDR can generate and send telecom invoices in accordance with each customer’s defined billing cycle. Choices include manual, semi-automatic, or fully-automatic invoicing, customizable for each individual customer. In full-auto mode, you can literally have nothing to do on billing day. (Except wait for payments to arrive!) And for each customer, you can also specify recurring attachments such as a dial code report, an XLS version of the invoice, or a matching CDR file.

Manual and semi-automatic options allow you to preview each invoice in your browser prior to sending. Once you’re ready, a single click sends each invoice and any accompanying attachments on its way.

Click here for information on how WebCDR can also automatically generate vendor reconciliation invoices.