Customer Rate Plans

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Eliminate 98% of your manual rates administration work

  • Define any number of rate plans (economy, premium, etc.)
  • Multi-tiered mark-up of vendor costs
  • Mark-up by a percentage, a fixed amount, or both
  • Exclude any vendor from the mark-up process
  • Optionally consider QoS factors (like ASR and ACD) when selecting vendor routes
  • Easily override any rate for any individual customer to accommodate negotiated discounts

WebCDR lets you generate a set of inbound rates – a rate plan – that can later be assigned to any number of customers, be it one or a hundred. This provides a single point of maintenance for many customers' rates, though you can also easily override them in cases of negotiated discounts. This can eliminate 98% of your manual rates administration work, leaving only individually-negotiated rates for further attention.

When deciding which terminating rates to base your rate plan's prices on, you can pick the least cost, the second least cost, or an average of two or more least costs, or you can pick a single vendor and use their costs. You can include or exclude terminating rates based on quality of service and the ability of a vendor to terminate calls to a particular dial code, and you can choose to mark-up the terminating rate by a percentage, by a fixed amount, or both.