Vendor Rate Sheet Intake

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Load rate sheets exactly as you get them from your vendors -- no reformatting!

Save time and reduce costly errors. Streamline rate intake.

WebCDR Data Collection Upload a rate sheet to WebCDR and it's checked against all known rate sheet formats, including multiple variations from the same vendor. WebCDR knows which columns contain rates, which contain country names, which contain prefixes, etc. It also knows if the vendor's rates are in U.S. Dollars, Euros, or some other currency, and whether or not specific time zones apply to the rates. Using this information the rates are loaded into WebCDR.

If WebCDR hasn't seen a particular vendor's rate sheet, or if the format has changed, it alerts our engineering staff and the new format gets added, usually within 1 business day. After the template has been created you can load future rate sheets from the vendor without delay.

WebCDR supports 2538 different rate sheet formats from 691 different vendors:

New rate sheet formats are added weekly. Tired of reformatting rate sheets from your vendors? Try WebCDR free for 30 days and make the switch.