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WebCDR dashboard

"Customer service is where WebCDR really distinguishes itself. They had our WebCDR account up, running, and producing invoices in a matter of days."

Steve Kozlowicki
VP of Voice Business, PCCW Global Limited

"WebCDR got us into the VoIP business incredibly quickly. We are extremely happy with the billing information and other reports generated that enable us to run our business efficiently and effectively. WebCDR after sales service is superb."

Roger Chiume
Executive, International Division, Sentech Limited of South Africa

"WebCDR's vendor reconciliation feature caught a particular tier one carrier over-charging us by almost three times the actual amount due. WebCDR is the quickest and most accurate way to reconcile an invoice."

Sandra Martin
Director, Carrier Relations, Trilogy International Enterprises, LLC

"As a new carrier in Tanzania with a hectic network deployment schedule, your services and ongoing support in helping us go live has been a major factor in us being able to meet our deadlines. The savings on Capex, manpower and operations and maintenance cost associated with running a billing unit have enabled us to use these resources elsewhere making us a stronger player in the market. You should have your team come to work with Superman T-shirts."

Rashid Shamte
CEO, Six Telecoms Company Limited (TZ)

"WebCDR has helped us a lot. We can handle our billing in a very fast and effective way, and also pull reports about everything!"

Renato Brandão
Technical Wholesale Manager, G2N Telecom

"We were able to have CDRs Management, Rating, and Billing up and running within 3 hours of contacting WebCDR. When we requested a special rate handling, and it was accomplished within 24 hours. We now have an insight into our business which we did not have without WebCDR."

Jay Cox
Vice-President of Engineering, CentricVoice

"WebCDR does more than our two-million dollar billing system, and it’s the least expensive project I’ve ever administered."

Kenneth Blijden
Manager International Networks, Smitcoms