Web-based QoS monitoring for VoIP and TDM switches!

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Dexter says: 'Don’t be the last to know about critical QoS issues on your own network!' Don’t be the last to know about critical QoS issues on your own network!

If the first you hear about poor network quality comes from a customer’s trouble ticket, you could lose that customer forever.

Why take that risk?

WebCDR Watchdog is an easy-to-use QoS monitoring solution that alerts you to problems before customers know they exist – so you have time to take corrective action or reroute critical traffic.

Maintain superior network quality: A low-cost resource for QoS and VoIP monitoring

  • Get alerts via email or phone when route quality drops below acceptable levels
  • Intuitive web-based QoS monitoring service you can manage from any browser
  • Scans for alarm conditions such as low ASR, low ALOC, or too many consecutive incomplete calls on a route
  • Tier-one level network surveillance and responsiveness
  • WebCDR Watchdog is included free with WebCDR Billing
  • Supports almost any switch

How WebCDR Watchdog works

  • Every 15-minutes WebCDR Watchdog downloads CDRs from your network
  • Records are sent our California and Virginia data centers
  • Upon arrival call records are immediately rated and made ready for QoS analysis
  • Calls are compared against your pre-set alarm thresholds
  • If an alarm is triggered, you’re immediately notified via email or phone

Supported alarms for QoS and VoIP monitoring

  • ALOC (average length of call): Too low or too high
  • ASR (answer seize ratio): Too low or too high
  • Consecutive Incomplete Calls: Too many
  • Trunk Group/Carrier/Region In/Out of Use: Is an overflow route operational? Did a past customer return?
  • Treatment Code: Detected more than X treatment code Y's
  • Customer Pre-pay balance met
  • Customer Post-pay balance met
  • Vendor Pre-pay balance met
  • Vendor Post-pay balance met
  • All alarms can be configured to specific:
  • Country, city, or any existing Region defined in your rate table.
  • Carrier, either inbound, outbound, or a combination of both.
  • Gateway or trunk group, either inbound, outbound, or a combination of both.

Full alarm control: Easy to use, easy to manage

  • Alerts appear in on-screen log and/or emailed message
  • Each alert can be directed at one or more email addresses. For example, send low ASR and low ALOC alerts to your routing/LCR group; send treatment code alerts to your engineers; send inbound carrier out of use to your sales team
  • Emails can be temporarily deactivated for each alarm
  • Powerful wildcarding features allows carrier-wide and even network-wide alarms to be set up with one single entry

Knowledge is Power:

Don't wait for trouble tickets to knock you out of routing! WebCDR Watchdog alerts you to problems before your customers know. Take advantage of a more effective QoS and VoIP montioring solution without the high cost of a 24/7 team.

What our clients say

"Running our switch without Watchdog is like driving a car without a dashboard!"

Ferdie Yambot
CTO, Eagle Bell

"It's how we stay on top of our outbound carriers and kick their butts when their quality drops. They ask us how we knew, and we just say Watchdog."

Tarek Jamal
CEO, NovaTel Global

"Watchdog gives us immediate notification of network trouble so we no longer need technicians on site 24/7."

Ronald Ramos
Technical Director, Innocom Telecom LLC